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“TOWARD A LIFE-CENTERED ECONOMY: From the Rule of Money to the Rewards of Stewardship”

ZOOM MEETING – Monday 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. MDT – Registration details to follow

SPEAKERS: John Lodenkamper, Paul Alexander, Pete Baston, Judith Streit;
Quaker Institute for the Future Research Group

SPONSORED BY: Ethics and Ecological Economics (EEE) Forum at Iliff

This life-centered economic system emphasizes “quality of life” over “quantity of stuff.” It implies a more thoughtful use of our time for the things that are truly important, such as, fulfillment of our individual potentials, and our relationships with family, friends and our greater community.

The Quaker Institute for the Future (QIF) [] seeks to generate systematic insight, knowledge, and wisdom that can inform public policy and enable us to treat all humans, all communities of life, and the whole Earth as manifestations of the Divine.

–from the book* co-authored by our speakers and whose title is this Forum’s theme:
* TOWARD A LIFE-CENTERED ECONOMY: From the Rule of Money to the Rewards of Stewardship is the 12th and most recent QIF Focus Book. It is available through QIF for $15.00 postpaid from Keith Helmuth at