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Food Systems and Food Insecurity in Colorado

Monday, May 24th, 2021- Presentation slides below; recording at a later date
Becca Jablonski
, Food Systems Economist, Colorado State University
Wendy Moschetti, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Nourish Colorado
Julia Char Gilbert, Policy Analyst, Colorado Health Institute

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Food systems are defined as the connections between natural resources, the agricultural and food industry, and the buyers, consumers and communities to which they contribute.”

Colorado State University Food Systems Initiative

Dr. Becca Jablonski is an assistant professor and food systems economist at Colorado State University, and co-lead of CSU’s Food Systems Initiative. The Food Systems Initiative bridges research, extension and education to identify and inform opportunities to bridge how the production, supply chains, and eaters respond to changing markets, policy, and environment. “Many [CSU] faculty . . . have been working to evaluate what types of urban food policies, programs and initiatives support farmers, ranchers, regional communities and economies. . . . We have been working to take a systems approach, looking at economic, social, and environmental impacts and tradeoffs.”

As the director of strategic initiatives, Wendy Peters Moschetti leads the development and implementation of Nourish Colorado’s strategies related to food systems, food access and food promotion. Wendy launched her own firm, WPM Consulting, in May 2009. Since then, she has collaborated with numerous organizations—including LiveWell Colorado (now Nourish Colorado), LiveWell communities across the state, Colorado State University, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, Hunger Free Colorado, and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment—to work on a variety of projects aimed at leveraging our food systems to improve equitable access to healthy foods.

Text Box: In 2019, one in 10 Coloradans (9.6%) experienced food insecurity, defined as eating less than they felt they should in the past year because there was not enough money for food.

 Julia Char Gilbert is the lead author of the Colorado Health Institute’s recent report, An Uneven Burden: Food Insecurity in Colorado. As a CHI policy analyst since 2019, she conducts research, analysis, and evaluation on issues such as food insecurity, school-based health care, and the direct care workforce. Julia also analyzes Colorado policy and politics as a member of CHI’s legislative services team. Julia holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Yale College, where she concentrated in health and justice.


** The Colorado Food Systems Coalition is a group of several organizations that work to strengthen healthy food access for all Coloradans while supporting Colorado agriculture, communities and economies.

** At the state level, the Governor-appointed Colorado Food Systems Advisory Council works to advance recommendations that strengthen healthy food access for all Coloradans through Colorado agriculture and local food systems and sources. (Wendy Moschetti is a member of the Council.)

  • The Advisory Council’s website includes several “White papers” on such issues as “Colorado’s agricultural workers,” “Improving healthy food retail for Coloradans,” and “Preparing for Food Security in an Age of Limited Natural Resources” (Water, Land Use, and Energy).

** The 40-page report of the Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger.

** “The Facts: Hunger and Poverty in Colorado” from Hunger Free Colorado.

VIDEO recording from the May 24th EEE Forum on “Food Systems and Food Insecurity in Colorado” is now available on YouTube here.

Presentation slides:

  • Julia Char Gilbert: An Uneven Burden; Examining Disparities in Food Insecurity in Colorado (CLICK HERE)
  • Wendy Moschetti: Nourish Colorado; Transforming Food Systems (CLICK HERE)
  • Becca Jablonski: Food Systems and Security During COVID-19 (CLICK HERE)

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