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Food Systems and Food Insecurity in Colorado

Monday, April 26th (slides posted below)

“Regenerative Agriculture: Healthy Soils and Working Lands”

Max Neumeyer, Coordinator, Colorado Coalition to Enhance Working Lands
Helen Silver, Principal, Silver Sustainable Strategies, LLC
Lesli Allison, Executive Director, Western Landowners Alliance

Sponsored by the Ethics and Ecological Economics (EEE) Forum

Regenerative:  Regrow — Renew – Restore
Colorado Coalition to Enhance Working Lands: Regenerating Land for a Healthier Future

The purpose of Colorado CEWL (pronounced “Colorado Cool”), a coalition of over 40 organizations, is “to improve the resilience and productivity of Colorado to create viable agricultural businesses and rural communities, protect open space, and increase the ecosystem service benefits these lands provide to the people of Colorado.”

Colorado Collaborative for Healthy Soils

CCHS “is a bottom-up and big-tent organization bringing the agricultural community together around soil health. Over the past year, the Collaborative has brought diverse stakeholders together in order to give input to CDA [the Colorado Department of Agriculture] on a proposed Soil Health Program . . . As a Collaborative, we are committed to being producer-centered, science-based, action-oriented, and to pursue only solutions that are voluntary and incentive-based.” (See the “Colorado’s SOIL HEALTH Resource Guide” on the CCHS website.)

Max Neumeyer is the principal of Ground Up Consulting LLC. He comes to this work after a career as a science teacher and a graduate degree in public policy focused on soil health policy for Colorado. After graduation, he worked with Mad Agriculture and several other partners to launch the Colorado Collaborative for Healthy Soils in order to explore a new direction for soil health. He is now working in close partnership with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, conservation and conservancy districts, Colorado State University, philanthropic and other partners to design, launch and fund a soil health program. Max also coordinates the Colorado Coalition to Enhance Working Lands (CO-CEWL).

Helen D. Silver is the principal of Silver Sustainable Strategies, LLC.  Helen’s diverse experience includes US and international environmental law and climate change and food systems policy.  Her clients include Colorado State University, Colorado Department of Agriculture, and the Colorado Water Conservation Board.  She currently is on the coordination team for the Colorado Collaborative for Healthy Soils coordination team and facilitates its Science and Practice Committee and its legislative efforts. She also facilitates the development of a science-based, regionally specific soil stewardship certification program for Colorado.  Within Harvard University Extensions School’s Sustainability Program, Helen co-instructs Assessing the Food-Water-Energy Nexus: Foundations of Global Security  and The Role of Soil Health in Creating Sustainable Food Systems

Lesli Allison is a founding member and executive director of the Western Landowners Alliance, one of the organization partners of Colorado CEWL. For the past three decades, she has worked extensively with private landowners and multiple stakeholders to advance conservation, sustain working lands and support rural communities. Lesli is also a member of the Steering Committee for the Western Ranch Management and Ecosystem Stewardship Program at Colorado State University. She writes:

Farms and ranches “are the last best pieces of intact, fertile, habitable open land. They are the cornerstones of both human communities and the ecosystems we all depend on. And they are disappearing.” – from “Working Lands Are the Future of Conservation” 


  • Regenerative Agriculture: Soil Health in Colorado, Max Neumeyer and Helen D. Silver, Colorado Collaborative for Healthy Soils: CLICK HERE
  • Advancing Policies and Practices that Sustain Working Lands, Connected Landscapes and Native Species: Lesli Allison, Executive Director, Western Landowners Alliance: CLICK HERE

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