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“Election Reform and Ranked Choice Voting”

WHEN:  Monday, October 12th, 1:30 – 3:00pm, MST

WHERE: Zoom Session Online – No cost, but registration required

SPEAKERS: Terrance Carroll, Colorado State Director for Unite America and Linda Templin, Executive Director, Ranked Choice Voting for Colorado

SPEAKER/MODERATOR: Sarah McCarthy, League of Women Voters of Denver

SPONSORED BY: Ethics and Ecological Economics (EEE) Forum at Iliff


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THE PROBLEM:  The majority doesn’t always win. “Too often, political candidates are elected without actually winning a majority of votes—or even support—in multi-candidate races where the winner simply has to win more votes than the others. Combined with zero-sum, negative campaigns, and low-turnout runoff elections, the result is a system that leads to unrepresentative outcomes. Ranked Choice Voting can change that.” (

Ranked choice voting (RCV) “is a voting method that allows voters to rank their candidates in order of preference. Instead of choosing just one candidate, voters rank candidates in order of choice—first, second, third, and so on. Voters earn the freedom to vote for the candidates they like the best, without fear of helping elect the candidate they like the least. . . . By implementing RCV in cities and counties across Colorado, we can give voters more choice and more voice in our elections.” (

For more information, see Election Reform: Better Methods (League of Women Voters of Colorado) and Ranked-choice voting gains favor in Colorado after primary candidates dropped out late: but first more discussions on logistics and practical applications are needed, officials say” (Denver Post, March 7, 2020).

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