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Monday, January 24th, 2022 – more details to follow

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Monday, November 15th, 2021

The Right to Vote: The National Context and Colorado’s Story

Doug Spencer, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Law School
Terrance Carroll, Terrance Carroll, Senior Fellow, Unite America
Jeanne Clelland, Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Colorado Boulder 

Doug Spencer — Terrance Carroll — Jeanne Clelland

THE PROBLEM: The Right to Vote is being challenged on several fronts across the nation, including:

–restrictions on opportunities to register to vote and to cast ballots

–long lines and intimidating practices at polling places

–growing politicization of vote-counting and auditing

–unlawful voter purges


–inadequate campaign financial reform

GUIDING QUESTIONS for our 90-minute session:

1.    What is the scope of voter suppression and disenfranchisement across America?

2.    What is the status of pending federal legislation to address the right to vote?

3.    What is the history of the right to vote in Colorado? What challenges remain?

4.    What constitutes a “fair” district map? What role can mathematics play in the redistricting process?

5.    What actions can citizens take to protect and expand the right to vote?

Doug Spencer is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Colorado. Professor Spencer is an election law scholar whose research addresses the role of prejudice and racial attitudes in voting rights litigation, the empirical implications of various campaign finance regulations, and the ways that election rules and political campaigns contribute to growing inequality in America. He recently shared his views about the Supreme Court’s recent ruling “to uphold two contentious laws in Arizona that impose restrictions upon voting.”

Terrance Carroll is a Senior Fellow (Advisor) for Unite America, “a movement of Democrats, Republicans, and independents working to put voters first by fostering a more representative and functional government.  We invest in campaigns to enact reforms and elect candidates so that the right leaders have the right incentives to solve our country’s greatest problems.” Carroll was the 54th Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives; the only African-American to have served as Speaker of the Colorado House. He served in the legislature from 2003 until being term-limited in 2011.

Professor Jeanne Clelland, Department of Mathematics, University of Colorado Boulder heads a research team of mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists working to apply mathematical and data-focused methods to fair redistricting in Colorado. For a brief overview of the team’s work, see the article, Can math make redistricting more fair?“ She said, “I was looking for ways for me to use my professional skills to make a difference and improve the political landscape a little bit. This seemed like an opportunity for mathematicians to get involved and do good work.” 

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Two recent articles from the Brennan Center for Justice, a nonpartisan law and policy institute affiliated with the New York University School of Law,  are especially relevant for our topic this month:

“Voting Laws Roundup: October 2021” From January 1st through September 27th this year, “19 states have enacted 33 laws that will make it harder to vote..

“The Freedom to Vote Act Is a Big Deal for Districting” Congress has a chance to save this cycle of redistricting, but it needs to act soon.

VIDEO recording (click here)
Presentation slides:

Jeanne Clelland slides: Redistricting and Gerrymandering: When is a district map “fair”? (click here)

Pertinent to today’s forum: Republicans Gain Heavy House Edge in 2022 as Gerrymandered Maps Emerge

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